Arthashastra is an ancient Indian political treatise written by Kautilya, also known as Chanakya, around the 3rd century BCE. The text is divided into 15 books and covers a wide range of topics such as statecraft, economics, law, warfare, and diplomacy. The primary

Ganita (Mathematics)

Ganita, also known as Vedic mathematics, is an ancient Indian system of mathematics that dates back to the Vedas, the sacred texts of Hinduism. The word “Ganita” comes from the Sanskrit word “Gan,” which means “to count” or “to calculate.” Ganita is based

The Chakras

What are chakras? Chakra is a Sanskrit term for “wheel” or “disk”. In the context of spiritual and holistic practices, chakras refer to the energy centres that are believed to be located along the body’s central channel. The chakras are thought to be

Muladhara chakra (Root)

Muladhar Chakra The symbol of the root chakra: It is also known as Muladhara in Sanskrit and is a lotus flower with four petals. Inside the lotus is a downward-pointing triangle, which represents the grounding and stabilizing energy of the root chakra. The

Svadhisthana chakra (Sacral)

Located in the lower abdomen and is associated with the colour orange. It represents our creativity, sexuality, and ability to experience a pleasure. The symbol of the sacral chakra: It is also known as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, and is a lotus flower with six


Navagraha Temples History:- There is a cluster of Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu near Kumbakonam built during the reign of the Chola dynasty. According to Hindu legends, Sage Kalava was suffering from serious ailments along with leprosy. He with utmost devotion prayed to

Surya (Sun)

Characteristics Of Surya (Sun):- In Vedic astrology, the Sun is called Surya and is considered one of the most important planets. Surya is the ruler of the zodiac sign Leo and is associated with the element of fire. It is considered a masculine

Mangal (Mars)

Characteristics of Mangal (Mars):- Mangal is one of the nine planets (Navagrahas) in Vedic astrology and is associated with the element of fire. It is also known as the “God of War” and is considered a malefic planet, meaning it can cause obstacles

Buddha (Mercury)

Characteristics of Buddha (Mercury):- In Vedic astrology, the planet Budha (Mercury) is considered one of the most important planets as it represents intellect, communication, and the power of the mind. Here are some of the characteristics of Budha: Signification: Budha is the significator

Brihaspati/Guru (Jupiter)

Characteristics of Brihaspati/Guru (Jupiter):- Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati, is considered the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology. It is associated with wisdom, knowledge, good fortune, prosperity, and spirituality. Here are some of the characteristics of Jupiter in Vedic astrology: Signification: Jupiter represents